Budapest Day 4: Maximum Sightseeing

Busy, busy, busy day. I’m going to rattle them all off fast.

Started with the Great Synagogue. But it was closed for Passover. DSC_0382

Sculpture on the side, memorial to those lost. DSC_0388

We got into another synagogue down the street. Impressive interior.DSC_0391

The Swiss were helpful in saving thousands of Hungarian Jews. A sculpture depicting that help. DSC_0403

Painting on the side of the building made it difficult to forget that the Rubik’s cube came from Hungary.DSC_0407

Next stop was the Great Market Hall. It is one of the few things I remember from our trip many years ago. Colorful and fun to visit.

After lunch at the Hummus Bar, we set off towards Parliament, where we had a tour at 3pm. Along the way, we saw this recent memorial to Hungarian victims of WWII. But it is thought to blame Germany and wash over Hungary’s own atrocities. So people have added to create their own memorial.

Who is the patron saint of defeating communism? Ronald Reagan, of course!DSC_0436

Parliament building was amazing. Said to be third largest in the world. The outside is impressive.DSC_0441

The inside, even more so! Loved that when they used to be allowed to smoke inside, they had numbered cigar holders so they could go inside to the chambers and then come back to find their cigar.

We then took a tram and subway up to the Szechenyi Bath, the largest and most popular of the Budapest baths. It had a huge outdoor pool that we loved, and several baths and saunas inside.IMG_2478

Dinner we found walking back down Andrassy Street, Klassz. Ellen had perch, I had a lamb shank, figuring that was appropriate for the start of Passover, which I officially start tomorrow, keeping to Eastern Time.IMG_2479

Tomorrow we visit the SOS Children’s Village in Kecskemét.

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