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Sweden Day 7: Finishing Up Sweden

Today was a travel day, covering about half the distance from Gothenburg to Stockholm. We took a quick walk around Gothenburg this morning before leaving. Still just as beautiful.Image

To get to our destination today, we had to drive around Lake Vättern. There were times that the view was just breathtaking. Ellen likes the water. We also stopped for gas for the first time. I don’t know how big the tank is, but we had driven over 1000km. And with gas around $8/gallon, the fill-up was just around $150! No wonder there are so many Priuses around here!

Our destination today was Linköping, a university town about two hours from Stockholm. There is a castle and a church that we wanted to see. We had to rush, as the castle closed at 4. We did a quick tour of both.Image


After we finished, Ellen’s view of the water made her want to sit near the lake and have a drink. We initially decided to ditch technology and just head west. It was kinda working, but we were heading through small farm roads without really knowing how far we had to go. Eventually we looked at a map and picked a target, Motala. And we found a nice place right on the water. Ellen had a glass of wine and I had a Czech beer. And the sun and the water were just about perfect.Image

We decided we wanted something a little different for dinner, so we went to a Vietnamese/Thai place, Sol & RIs. It was a few minute walk from the main square, so it was a little calmer. The menu was only in Swedish and the waitress spoke little English, but we managed to figure out a good set of dishes: vegetarian spring rolls, chicken and cashew nuts and a beef dish.

We walked back to the square, which was quite lively. The students seemed to be arriving back for the semester or something. We had dessert and did people watching, then went into our hotel, which is a gorgeous old building.Image

Tomorrow we are off to Iceland to finish off the vacation. We view it as the continuation of the couple of days we were there 2 years ago.