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Day 4: The Drive to Flam

Today was a driving day, not expected to be that interesting. But it turned out to have it’s moments.

We took the subway to Oslo’s central rail station to pick our rental car. it is a 5-speed VW Golf diesel. First time I’ve driven a diesel, didn’t notice much difference in how it drives, just the chatter of the engine.

We let the GPS guide us, which worked well. It decided that instead of taking E16 the whole way, to turn off and take E7 and Rv50. What we got was an incredible drive, including lakes, mountains still snow covered, sheep crossing the road, hairpin turns and tunnels like I’ve never seen before. These tunnels were carved straight through rock in the mountains. They were barely wide enough for a car in each direction. And they were sometimes dimly lit with a row of single bulbs down the middle , but sometimes not lit at all. Sometimes the tunnels were paved, other times it felt like you were driving on bedrock. And in one case, several sheep had wondered into one side of the tunnel and were just chilling out.

It was a 5 hour drive, and was a little taxing from needing to concentrate through these conditions. But it was fun.

We arrived in Flam around 5. The town is very small, just a couple of hotels and restaurants and a grocery store. The train comes here, and there are many options for fjord excursions.

We had a buffet dinner at the restaurant belonging to our hotel. We had a good meal, then enjoyed the much cooler evening air.