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Barcelona, Day 4: Rushing To See Everything


Got the best night’s sleep as just getting over the time change, now that this short vacation is almost over. Oh well. In order to get to everything we wanted to do, we decided today we would be using the metro to get around town rather than our normal preference of walking everywhere. There was too much to get to.

Today dawned with blue sky. We weren’t sure what to make of it. Ellen suggested we return to Sagrada Familia to take pictures again, this time with an unthreatening sky. So we did. It was worth it.


Next we traveled to the Gothic Quarter. There were two churches to see, but we most importantly had to get to the Museum Picasso. It features 3800 of his works. I think I liked his pottery and ceramics on display the best.

We then went to the market on Las Ramblas to get fresh fruit for me. We didn’t manage a Seder, but I am keeping Passover. We found a restaurant nearby for Ellen to get lunch, and enjoyed resting our feet for a little awhile.

Our final destination was perhaps our most anticipated: Parc Guell. The large picture above shows the fantastic two buildings that are the focal point. I thought they looked like something out of Candyland. To get to the park, we took the metro. Upon exit there was a sign that the park was only 600 meters away. That 600 meters, however, was almost straight up a hill. Most of it you had to walk but there were also several escalators.

We entered the park from above, and got wonderful views of the whole city.


We walked then to the overlook of the Gaudi buildings. It is ringed by a serpentine mosaic tile bench that is remarkable in and of itself.


Ellen enjoyed the sun so much she let me take her picture. That’s a rare event. You’ll also notice there are almost never pictures of the two of us. Even after 26 years of marriage, she doesn’t like there being proof that we are traveling together.


Last destination of the day was Barceloneta. It allowed our first up-close view of the Mediterranean. Ellen had a drink by the water, we stopped for coffee and tea and then went to dinner at Can Majo. We treated ourselves to our most expensive meal of the trip, which still wasn’t that expensive. Ellen had cod and I had grilled sole.

We metro’d back to our apartment to pack. We have an alarm set for the ungodly hour of 4:50am tomorrow to fly to Paris and then Back to DC.