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Argentina Day 7: Final Full Day


With the museum we wanted to start with today not opening until noon, we decided to return to Casa Rosada and take a tour. We were awfully glad we did, it was one of the highlights of the trip.

The palace is the office, but not the home, of Argentina’s president. The picture above is where Evita addressed her crowds. Madonna was able to use the same place for the shooting of the movie, “Evita.” The view of Plaza de Mayo from the balcony looks something like this:


We got to see many ornate rooms and the president’s office.


It was well worth an hour for the free tour.

Next up was a subway ride and a walk to the Museo de Arte Latinamerico de Buenos Aires. Also known as MALBA, it houses some of the best works of Latin America artists. Most of the art was modern. I really enjoyed the vitality in the art, it was alive. I loved this bench, which went from a serviceable place to sit to something resembling spaghetti on the wall.


Also featured was the work of Diego Rivera.


Another walk led us to the Museo Nacional de Bella’s Artes. Admission was free, and it included impressionist works.

We stopped for our daily Freddo ice cream. I don’t know what we will do without their chocolate con almonds ice cream.

Back to the hotel for a short rest, then out for our last dinner. We chose steak for some reason, and walked 1/2 an hour to Don Julio, where we had the hotel make a reservation. We had empanadas, tenderloin steak, potato straws ( they resembled waffle chips, just much better), Malbec, and fruit and chocolate mousse for dessert. It was a great meal and a fitting end to the trip.

Tomorrow we will try to fit in a few more things. It is supposed to be 93 degrees, so we will have to take it slow and easy.

There will be another entry or two. I hope you’ve enjoyed traveling along with us. As a marketer, I live for feedback, so leave a comment on the blog or a comment on Facebook or Twitter to let me know what you liked.

Thanks for reading!