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Philippines Day 4: Crazy fun day

We took a tour of the Bohol island today with a driver. We did such fun things!

First was visiting the habitat of the tarsier marsupial. They are little (5 inches tall) monkey-like creatures. They are nocturnal, so we got to see them resting in trees.

Next we went to the Chocolate Hills, a series of over 1000 mounds created by coral piles that had been pushed up from the sea. To get up top, we rode ATVs!

  • Our guide was a very talented photographer, taking all sorts of trick shots.

For lunch, we took a boat ride down the Loboc River.

We visited our first church, the Baclayon Church. It was much nicer inside than it appeared.

We didn’t really have expectations going into the tour, but we saw so many varied and interesting things. It was a very memorable day.


Philippines Day 3: Bohol

A domestic flight in the Philippines was a little like a crowded bus ride, but a two hour flight got us to Bohol. We are staying at the South Palms Resort, a little paradise on the Bohol Sea.

We walked the beach and enjoyed the infinity pool.

Meals were at the resort, I had the freshest tilapia ever.

We hope to see the eclipse tomorrow, quite the moon now.

Tomorrow, we’re taking a tour of the island. But today, was relaxation.