Medellín Day 3: Museos

We made our first trip on the Medellín Metro system today. We figured out how to buy a Civica card (like a Metro SmarTrip) and load a few trips on it. $3 for 4 trips!


6 stops later we were at Parque Berīo, home to this amazing municipal building.IMG_8602

And on the other side of this building was Plaza Botero, full of 23 statues by the artist Fernando Botero. The plaza was not yet overrun with visitors yet, so with some patience you could get pictures of the sculptures without people in front of them.IMG_8605IMG_8610IMG_8632

We had been looking forward to the Museo de Antioquia, for its art and its art deco design.IMG_8634

Inside, their was work of Botero and a large number of paintings he had collected and donated to the museum. IMG_8651IMG_8644

I wondered if he had created anything to cover the Pablo Escobar period. I didn’t have to wonder long.IMG_8648IMG_8649

After leaving the museum, we found Iglesia de La Candelaria church.IMG_8658

Our 2nd museum for the day was their modern art museum, Museo De Arte Moderno. It featured some of the most modern of modern art (I didn’t take any pictures inside, I should have).IMG_8661

We waited out the expected thunderstorm, which was vicious tonight, and then Uber’d to Restaurante Hatoviejo, on the 4th floor of the mall we visited yesterday. We had a good meal, Ellen had steak and I had tuna in a berry sauce.IMG_8667

Afterwards, we went to a supermarket next door to pick up some things for dinner tomorrow. We are having a fancy lunch, so we will take advantage of the kitchen in our room and cook something up (including the doggy bag we took home tonight).


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