Spring 2018 Vacation Day 5: Last Supper, La Scala, Duomo


Early morning. Last Supper. We had 8:15 am tickets. We mapped out an easy 8 stop subway trip. Bought €4.50 all day subway tickets. That all worked perfectly. But got off the subway, was supposed to be only 350 meters to the church. Except the GPS on my phone was wonky and didn’t change walking in different directions. And the map we had doesn’t have all the streets. We got slightly panicked, so let Uber come to the rescue again. Expensive short trip, but so worth it.

The Last Supper is in the Santa Maria Delle Maria monestary. NOT the church, as we later saw many signs. They take in groups of about 25 people. 15 minutes. Low light (that made photography challenging). But it is spectacular and worth the trip. It looks different from different angles.IMG_5249

After our time was up, we of course visited the church itself. DSC_0068DSC_0080

Next stop for the day (after breakfast) was the La Scala Opera House. It isn’t much from the outside.IMG_5254

But it’s gorgeous inside. 6 rings of boxes above the orchestra. Can’t take pictures inside the opera house, but I kinda snuck one from the hallway.IMG_5253

There is also an opera museum, but not being fans of opera, it didn’t do much for us.

Off to lunch, we found a healthy restaurant that did the trick. We passed a September 11 monument that was really interesting.IMG_5256

Last site of the day was the Duomo. We had a rooftop walking tour that took you right to the flying buttresses, figures and the gold statue on the top. Some amazing sites. DSC_0094DSC_0105DSC_0108DSC_0112DSC_0118DSC_0120

After the outside was the inside. (Almost) equally impressive. I’m a sucker for ribbed ceilings and stained glass. DSC_0122DSC_0131DSC_0134DSC_0136DSC_0137

We chose a neighborhood restaurant for our last dinner (see what I did there). Back home tomorrow!


One response to “Spring 2018 Vacation Day 5: Last Supper, La Scala, Duomo

  • brownsheep

    Bravo!!! Your photos of the Last Supper came out very well. Truthfully, they were better than ones I saw with an article during Holy Week. That author claimed the work had been destroyed by the recent restoration. I wonder if he purposefully used poor photos with his article. The Duomo is amazing. Thank you for exposing me to this treasure. Yes, I saw what you did there! May God grant you safe travels home!!!

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