Spring 2018 Vacation Day 4: Lake Como


Lake Como is surely beautiful. We traveled on two boats through the lake, the first ride lasting for 2 hours. The whole way, you saw scenes like the above, buildings nestled in the hills.

We took a train from Milan to Como, just over a 1/2 hour ride. In Como, we had breakfast, then visited their Duomo. Boy, can they build amazing churches in Italy.DSC_0004DSC_0007

We then walked around the water, first visiting this Fascist World War I memorial, known for its plain design. DSC_0018

You could walk out into almost the middle of the lake, where this sculpture sits.DSC_0025

Next was the 2 hour boat ride, from Como to Bellagio. We walked through town, enjoying the views, climbing up steep steps and back down. Lunch was at Ristorante Bilacus, which we chose because it had a great outdoor patio. But the food? This was my salmon with spinich and roasted potatoes. Amazing. IMG_5229

I tried taking arty pictures of the steps, both with and without people.DSC_0051DSC_0065

Time now for our second boat ride, just about twenty minutes across the lake to Varenna. IMG_5234

We had a drink (and fries for dinner) at Bar Il Molo that overlooks the lake. Relaxing! The train ride from Varenna back to Milan was about an hour.

It was a relaxing and enjoyable day trip. Tomorrow, we do Last Supper, tour of the Duomo and La Scala, all the essential Milan things.


2 responses to “Spring 2018 Vacation Day 4: Lake Como

  • Sue B

    Sounds great! How was lunch with George? But seriously, Bellagio and The Last Supper have to be in my top picks for Italy. Have fun!

  • brownsheep

    The modern sculpture felt strangely out of place as I looked at today’s photos. However, the experience of walking out on to the lake to view it sounds amazing. I prefer the photo with the people!

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