Chile/Argentina Day 6: Red, Red Wine (Malbec mostly) 🍷

Four wineries. 6 visitors. One van. Can we do it? Yes…we…can!

Ampora Tours picked us up just before 9, and soon added an individual traveler from Dallas and three women from Australia.

First stop was Bodega Benegas, just about 15 minutes outside of Mendoza.

An older winery, they ferment their wine in cement tanks, lined with epoxy paint. DSC_0844

We bought a bottle of malbec.

Second stop was Terrazas de los Andes. owned by Chandon. In an old winery, but updated.

3rd winery was very small and very modern.

And last was lunch!

Back to Mendoza, we ate pasta at an Italian restaurant because we were tired of meat!

We ended the evening walking home. Plaza Indepencia was beautiful. 


One response to “Chile/Argentina Day 6: Red, Red Wine (Malbec mostly) 🍷

  • brownsheep

    I love your trips! I learn so much. I did not know winemaking was a thing in Argentina until now. The metal outside one of the wineries. What was that used for? You have an amazing gift for selecting restaurants. I have been impressed with the presentation of most of your meals from country to country. David, no wonder you are a runner with all of these amazing desserts!!!

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