Budapest Day 6: Home & Endnotes

We had a smooth trip home. A taxi, arranged by our Airbnb hostess, got us out to the airport in plenty of time. We had leftover Hungarian currency, so we went duty free shopping. Candy, Hungarian liqueur and some more Havana Club rum soaked up the remaining funds.

I slept from Budapest to Frankfurt. We had only a little over an hour between flights, so we only had time to hustle to our new gate. We had to undergo additional security to fly to the USA, but that was just a series of questions about where we went, what we did and our occupations.

On the longer flight from Frankfurt home, I watched Misery Loves Comedy, The Edge of Seventeen, rewatched LaLa Land and a couple of Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes. Global Entry again made Customs and Immigration a breeze, we HIGHLY recommend it if you travel abroad even occasionally.

Budapest really impressed us as being a world-class city. It had culture, great restaurants, museums and historical sites. The people were welcoming and friendly, speaking English often enough in Budapest, less so when we were outside the city. It was EXTREMELY affordable. Our dinners, with appetizers, main courses, drinks and desserts never exceeded $70 for the two of us.

Our style of travel, doing everything ourselves, booking things in advance where possible and using public transportation everywhere we could worked perfectly in Budapest. We bought the Budapest Card , which included unlimited public transportation and discounts at a lot of places. We didn’t even worry so much if it paid for itself. It was just around $38 for a 72 hour card. Because we had unlimited public transit, we would jump on the subway or trams without a thought to cost (which was only around $1.25 per ride anyway). We like walking and did a lot of it, but because this was a condensed time period and we had so much to do, time was precious and there was almost always a way to use transit to save time. And it allowed us to use the bus and subway upon arrival without worrying about changing currency and figuring out the costs when groggy upon arrival.

We picked Budapest specifically because they had a half-marathon that worked with Ellen’s spring break. After I began consulting with SOS Children’s Villages, I inquired about the village visit. So those pieces worked so well together.

Thanks for reading along for another trip. If you’ve lurked and not liked a post up until now, please like this one so I’ll know. Lots of people I didn’t even know read this will tell me they like the blog.

Finally, research what SOS does around the world for vulnerable children. If you are able, please consider a donation.


4 responses to “Budapest Day 6: Home & Endnotes

  • Sandra Baumannn

    Since meeting you at tha Havana trip, I’ve so enjoyed living vicariously through you both! Thank you!

  • kevinimiller007

    Wrk done David…well done.

  • brownsheep

    After as many of your trips as I have followed, I did not know until this one that there is a “like” button! That will help me feel less selfish when, like this trip, I am lurking and not commenting. I think this is one of the most surprising trips you’ve taken. I guess when I saw Budapest that I expected a less vibrant city. I expected it to have an ancient depressed vibe. What I saw through your eyes made me realize that a lot of my thinking was grounded in images created with a Holocaust/WWII filter. (I continue to shudder thinking of Mr. Spicer’s hateful and ignorant Hitler reference. My heart aches that he could be so “blasphemous” anytime but especially during this holy time.) I am grateful that you were generous enough to share your travels once again. I am thankful for your safe return.

    • dcborn61

      I am glad to share our travels as it is a gift that we are able to afford to travel and healthy enough to enjoy it. I love your insights into our travel, you pick up on things I haven’t quite formalized in my thoughts.

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