Peru Day 9: Finishing Lima


We made the most of our last day in Peru. Today was the day to do Lima and we did it!

We Uber’d (for $5) from Miraflores to the historic area. Plaza de Armas, above, was a picturesque square, with the Catedral, Presidential Palace and other great buildings.

We started at the Catedral. Unlike the other churches, we could take pictures inside. They had an brochure in somewhat awkward English that gave us a good idea of what each section was about. DSC_0426

We then walked the streets, happening upon a parade, we know not the reason for. Here’s some video and pictures of the parade.


Even the young ones enjoyed. DSC_0459

We couldn’t help but notice that there were riot police at every corner of the square. Not sure if that is normal for near the Presidential Palace but we sure didn’t start any trouble.DSC_0429

We happened by the Presidential Palace right at noon, so got to witness the changing of the guard. I have videos that I’ll try to add later.DSC_0434DSC_0466

Our next stop was the San Francisco Monastery and Catacombs. We couldn’t take pictures inside, but we saw a lot of skulls and bones!DSC_0479DSC_0480

Being Capitol Hill residents, we couldn’t help but take a picture of the Congress. DSC_0484

Lunch was in Chinatown. We were the only English speakers here, but it was so worth wandering into Salon CaponDSC_0491


My only souvenir on these trips is usually a soccer jersey from the national team. In this case, we had to find an Umbro store which meant going to the Jockey Plaza mall. We found the helado store that had been recommended to Ellen. And the soccer jersey. And enjoyed walking around.

Our last dinner was a place recommended by our neighbor, Elvis, when I was out walking Colby just before we left. It was a short walk from our hotel, and just an amazing Amazon-themed menu. ámaZ was delicious. We were sitting just next to a young couple, who happened to be huge foodies who live in Crystal City. We chatted just about the whole meal, sharing stories and food. Hope to see China & Nathan sometime back home!

We fly home tomorrow, via AeroMexico with a layover in Mexico City. Not long enough to explore anything more than the airport, but we’ll make the most of that.

Thanks for reading along. As usual, I’m asking, as a marketer, for you to like or comment this post, especially if you’ve been lurking so I know who has been following along.

There will be one more post to sort through our experiences and impressions. Buenos noches!


4 responses to “Peru Day 9: Finishing Lima

  • brownsheep

    Questions from the Virginian in the front:
    When was the city of Lima built?
    Who built the city of Lima? Who is responsible for the style of the architecture?
    Is it my imagination or do the buildings seem huge? Are they larger than comparable buildings in the District?
    As one who has not traveled outside of the country, your blog is educational. I learn little things about “how” to travel. I no longer say that I will never go places. Thank you for sharing your adventures. I really enjoy them!!! Prayers for a safe journey home!!!!

    • dcborn61

      Lima was mostly founded by the Spaniards. The buildings on the square were pretty big, but otherwise things were normal sized. The presidential palace made the White House look like a cottage, however!

      Thanks for your enthusiastic participation in our trip, I looked forward to your comments and questions!

  • Sandra Baumann

    Hey there, Sandra here – we met during the Havana trip. Yes, I’ve been lurking and enjoying all of your entries, Peru sounds fascinating! I’m curious if you had many issues with the language barrier? That would be the one thing that would make me nervous.

    • dcborn61

      I speak the tiniest bit of Spanish, and we got by just fine. Not many spoke English, but we managed to make it work. I recommend Microsoft’s Translate app. It works offline, and you can use it to type in either language and get a translation or take a picture, like of a menu, and get an instant translation.

      On Sun, Jul 10, 2016 at 6:15 AM, Traveling with Ellen & David wrote:


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