Loire Valley Day 3: Vinegar and Clutch


Chateau de Chenonceaux 

We left Angers after breakfast, heading for our first of 2 chateaus.

Our first real adventure came when looking for Chateau Azay-le-Rideau. I might have set the GPS for the town and not the chateau. And it might have a random spot in town when you don’t pick a specific destination. So following the GPS, it wanted us to go down a street that had a steep hill and didn’t look like it lead anywhere. I passed it once, but the GPS said it was the way. Now, I’m not the type to follow a GPS into a lake because it said so, but…

So we went down the hill. It wasn’t a street. There was no way to turn around. It was VERY narrow, with a house on each side. And the Citroen is a 5 speed. So that meant backing up, uphill, while managing not to stall. Which meant riding the clutch. Ellen had gotten out of the car, sort of to direct, but more so to make it easier on me. I kept having to straighten out. Back and forth. Up the hill. The car had the beeping when you were too close on either side. So that helped. Sort of. In the end, I made it up the hill, but the clutch was smoking, and the car was beeping on both sides. It’s easy to laugh…now. Oh, and later I used the windshield wiper fluid, which smelled of vinegar. So the title of today’s blog came from the smells in the car today.

The first chateau we visited was Chateau d’Azay-le-Rideau, built between 1518 and 1527. Lots of scaffolding and reconstruction, but still worth the visit.DSC_0533DSC_0523

We drove to Chenonceaux and had a casual lunch. It’s a small town, so it was then just a couple of minutes to one of the most remarkable chateaus.

Chateau de Chenonceau, built over the Cher River, is just spectacular. When you have a painting of a king, where the frame is more of a work of art than the painting, you’ve got something going. DSC_0545

As nice as the chateau itself was, it was the gardens that really made it what it is. DSC_0552DSC_0563

We then drove to our 3rd and final hotel of the trip, Le Manoir Les Minimes in Amboise. We checked in, and then were off to explore town. There’s also a chateau here, just next to our hotel. We had our afternoon beer/coffee, hit a grocery store for some fruit good for Passover starting, and then had a great dinner at Chez Bruno in town.

We have 3 chateaus to hit on our final full day tomorrow. And I bid adieu to the croissants and baguettes that I love. I brought matzah with me, and we’ll avoid bread for the next days, as we remember that we were once slaves in Egypt.




2 responses to “Loire Valley Day 3: Vinegar and Clutch

  • Sojourner

    I love matzah… but I can only admire your restraint resisting the baguettes and croissants! Have a lovely day visiting the castles tomorrow. 🙂

  • brownsheep

    It’s not Jerusalem but it sounds magnificent. May your Passover be blessed. So while you were burning the clutch were you attracting any attention. I am glad you can laugh about it now. Your travelogue would have been incomplete without this story! Yeah that frame was more art than the portrait!!! How amazing to have so much amazing architecture so close together.

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