Loire Valley Day 2: Le Mans & Angers


We had a wonderful breakfast at our Giverny b&b, and then were off. It’s nice having a 130k/ph speed limit. A little crazy to drive 180km on a highway and pay €25.90 in tolls. But, it’s France!

Our first stop was Le Mans. We chose Le Mans because it was the largest city between Giverny and Angers. We were glad we did. The cathedral above is Cathedral Saint Julien. You don’t see flying buttresses like that every day! We toured the cathedral and then did a walking tour, with the usual half-timber houses and such.DSC_0494

We grabbed lunch at a sandwich place in town (quiche for Ellen, baguette with mozzarella, tomato and salad for me). Then back in the car.

We checked into our hotel for the night 21 Foch. Right on the main street, it has a great location, and modern, Scandinavian style furnishings.

Château d’Angers was our first stop. Its origins date back to 1230. Not furnished, the outside was the best part. DSC_0500

 They do have Apocalypse Tapestry, created from 1377 to 1382. Housed in a dark room to preserve them, the pieces go on forever.IMG_0301
We did a walking tour through Angers, enjoying the narrow streets and ancient houses.DSC_0489
 After an afternoon coffee-and-beer stop, a stop in a department store for Ellen to pick up some Thomas Sabo, we ate dinner at a fabulous little restaurant, off the main square. Au Gré Des Saisons had the evening’s menu on a chalkboard that they brought to each table when it was your turn to order. They served just 3 appetizers and 3 main courses. Ellen had a duck appetizer and filet mignon, I had a raw salmon appetizer with a rump steak main course. The food was delicious, and just the two courses took 2 hours of leisurely dining.
We have more chateaus to hit, stay tuned!

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