Loire Valley Day 1: Giverny


Water pond at Giverny

We are on a short 5 day/4 night trip to the Loire Valley. We never tire of Europe or France or travel at all.

We flew from Dulles to Paris on Air France. Plane was on time, we upgraded (if you can call it that) to an exit row so we had decent legroom. The flight was fine and on time. With the short length of this trip, we both made do with carry-on, so we didn’t even have to wait for luggage to get going.

We rented a black Citroen diesel from Europcar and jumped in. I have a new app to recommend, Navmii. It is a GPS navigation app that doesn’t require data. That’s right, I have chosen to forego constant connectivity, no SIM cards this trip. Ellen does have the 100MB plan from Verizon, but I’m just online when there is WiFi and I feel like it. Navmii allows you to download maps in advance, and it gave really good directions to get us from the airport to Giverny.

Monet’s home was our stop for the first day. Ellen booked us in a bed & breakfast a short walk from town. This picture shows our place, it is 2 levels and larger than our house. DSC_0408

The b&b is very near the church in town. It is where Monet is buried. It also showcased a custom we hadn’t seen before, leaving plaques and such on the graves.


Monet’s home and garden is well worth a visit. You can see the paintings from the views. DSC_0449

The town is tiny, the main street has no sidewalk, so you walk in the street with bicycles, cars, trucks, etc. The pace is slow and somehow it all works. DSC_0440

We had to find an ATM as the b&b only takes cash. That required us going to the next town over, Vernon. When Ellen checked in on Swarm, it reminded us that we had been here in 2013 as part of our Paris to Normandy river boat cruise. Who can keep track?

We took a brief rest and then walked to dinner in town. Not a lot of choices, but we were thrilled with Restaurant Baudy. We had the prix fixe, salad, main course (duck for Ellen, delicious lamb brochette for me) and dessert. Oh, and since we are in France, wine.IMG_0297

We fear we might be overtired, but the idea is to get a good night’s sleep and move along tomorrow. If you have a particular chateau you have visited and want to recommend, leave it in the comments!

Bonne nuit!


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