Cuba Day 7 (November 20, 2015)

There was one thing on my Cuba bucked list that we hadn’t accomplished, a visit to the iconic Che metal figure on the building in the Plaza de la Revolution. So Ellen and I got up early and took a Coco-cab (sort of a motorcycle with a shell on top) there.


Our driver waited for us while we took about 10 minutes to take pictures. We were glad we went out there.


Back to the hotel for breakfast. I emptied and repacked my suitcase, as there needed to be room for rum. The bus took us to the airport. Check-in and emigration was easy. We did our duty-free shopping. Nothing left to do but wait for our flight.

And this time, everything went smoothly. A one hour delay out of Havana. Luggage immediately arrived in Miami. No problems with immigration or Customs. A burger! for dinner at a TGIF at the airport with Margaret. Easy flight to BWI. Overnight at a hotel there, then home Saturday morning.

I am writing my impressions of the trip for NBC4. Once that’s published, I’ll link to it. This was an experience, not a vacation. Overwhelming too, because while we were there, we were exposed to the people and lives of real Cubans. It was amazing. And a little overwhelming.


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