Denmark/Iceland Day 4: Viking Ships and 18km Bridge


We had a couple of sour experiences yesterday at our hotel, that led to a conversation with the general manager this morning. After we reached out to the hotel via Twitter, Facebook and then email, he was well versed on the issues and came bearing apologies and comping our stay. That didn’t make up for it, but it helped!

Off in the car this morning, the first stop was Roskilde and the Viking Ship Museum. The museum houses five ships found nearby, dating back as far as 1042. They also have ship building exhibitions, including having children uses saws and axes. Why have we become so risk averse that that would never happen in the US? They also had one of those big rubber ducks in the water

DSC_0357 DSC_0355


King Harald “Bluetooth” Blatand

We then drove into the town of Roskilde. A fabulous church, with 20 kings and 17 queens buried there. Most famous as far as I was concerned was King Harold Bluetooth, who united Denmark and Norway and became the namesake of our favorite short-range wireless protocol. The double-spired church is the featured picture of today’s post. DSC_0379 DSC_0385 DSC_0373

We wandered into town, and today’s lunch was a bakery/grocery store special. Nothing fancy.

Back in the car to head to our next destination, Odense. First we had to go over an awesome 18km suspension bridge, the Storebaelt Bridge. The toll to get over it shocked us! It was 235 Danish Krone, approximately $45. There was a spectacular view, but c’mon!

Odense is the home of Hans Christian Anderson, who will be the focus tomorrow. But for tonight, we found a fabulous little French restaurant, Kok & Vin. We both had the same order, appetizer of salted salmon with celery remoulade, radishes and pickled cucumbers and for a main course, pan fried salmon with morels, capers and brown butter. Both, just delicious! For dessert, Ellen had creme brulee and I had a strawberry tart with chocolate, crème anglaise, fresh berries and sorbet. It was our first fancy meal here, and the food and service made it a wonderful evening.IMG_1316 IMG_1313



One response to “Denmark/Iceland Day 4: Viking Ships and 18km Bridge

  • Eve

    taxes are unbelievable in Denmark – hence all the “freebies” and “socialist” accoutrements 🙂 Sounds like the adventures and good times are abound – enjoy!

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