Denmark/Iceland Day 3: Sunday in our Hyundai


We were still so giddy about having our luggage when we woke up, we weren’t sure what to do. Clothes! We could wear whatever we wanted. And fresh clothes at that!

We picked up our rental car, a Hyundai i30. 6 speed, diesel, fun to drive. We decided on the way out of town to do one very touristy thing. Her name here is Den Lille Havfrue, but we know her as the Little Mermaid.  She’s a fine sculpture, iconic of course, but is located inconveniently, and now just a tourist trap. Even so, we had to take her picture. DSC_0309

We then drove north to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. A world-class museum, most impressive were the scuptures, including Caldor’s, that are outside along a beautiful vista.DSC_0321 DSC_0320

We consulted Yelp, and found a completely local and Danish smorgasbord place for lunch,  Gamle Humlebaek Kro had no menus in English, the waitstaff spoke very little, but we figured this out. We had fried fish and herringed salmon, both served with dark bread. Delicious!

We hadn’t been to a castle since yesterday, so needed to change that. We drove next to Frederiksborg Slot. The home of Christian IV, it has elements that rival Versailles. Except not quite so over the top.DSC_0341 DSC_0351 DSC_0328

Then it was time to find out hotel. A castle, We are staying in an actual castle. The service has not lived up to the beauty, but can’t win ’em all.


We searched again for dinner, and found an Italian restaurant in Helsinger. It cooled off, we ate comfortably outside, and enjoyed Restaurant Ciao Ciao‘s homemade pasta.

After another very warm day, we are looking forward to a high in the 60’s°F tomorrow.


2 responses to “Denmark/Iceland Day 3: Sunday in our Hyundai

  • brownsheep

    I have been enjoying reading about your Denmark/Iceland adventure so far. My favorite picture has been the “bike magnet” as I have named it. I was curious about why you decided that a Hard Rock Cafe tee was the best choice. I admit to being surprised by the grandeur of the castles. They seem huge. Are they really massive in person? So, you are staying in a castle. Is your room worthy of nobility? Thank you so much for sharing this adventure!!!

    • dcborn61

      Thanks for reading along! I like the name you have for the bike photo. The Hard Rock t-shirts are ironic for us because we would never buy them normally. We try to find small independent restaurants when we travel, we would not eat at an American chain that attracts tourists.

      The castle on the inside resembles a normal hotel room. And the service here has been far from what a noble would require. In fact, we might have said “off with his head!” about a couple of them.

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