Denmark/Iceland Day 1: Bad luck out of the way?

The last thing you want to hear when aloft is that there is a problem with the plane and you’re going to land short of your destination. The captain presented it in a way that wasn’t alarming, but even so.

So while we thought we were flying to Reykjavik, instead we flew to Boston. Would have been nice if we could have seen Ben, but we didn’t even see the terminal. We taxied over to where the FedEx and private planes park, and waited. We were unsure what was going to happen, as first it was a question if the plane (something about the tail) could be fixed, then if it would be ready before the crew reached their time limit. Icelandair shared some info, but not much. There wasn’t pizza or drinks. Just sitting.

In the end, we lost about 4 hours. And with only a 1.5 hour layover, we missed our 7:45am  plane to Copenhagen. The next flight was scheduled for 1:15pm, but already 3 hours delayed. We were impressed that IcelandAir had already rebooked us and had our boarding passes ready. we should have withheld final judgement on them. <foreboding music..dun dun dun>

So we were in for a long layover. We made the best of it. We bought Nova SIM cards for Iceland so we would be set when we came back.  We went to the 66° North store and both bought a pair of Polar Fleece gloves. We had vouchers for lunch and got some food. And since we were flying Economy Comfort, we had access to Icelandair’s lounge. So, a lot of waiting and sitting. Lost 1/2 a day in Copenhagen, but better safe than sorry.

Our flight to Copenhagen was even later than the estimate. We had been upgraded to Saga (First) Class, that was nice. Uneventful three hour flight. BUT…no luggage. Waited until no more was coming out. Pulled a number for the baggage problem line. Spoke with the nicest lost baggage employee you’d ever want to, but the story was while we had eventually departed Iceland, our luggage had not. Supposed to be on a flight that arrives at 6am on 4 July. He gave us overnight kits, which included toiletries and a t-shirt to sleep in. That helped. Oh, and we managed to pick up SIM cards, installation to take place when less grumpy.

We figured out the train to central city Copenhagen. Our hotel, Andersen Boutique Hotel, just a few minute walk from the train station. Arrived just before midnight local time. Very nice desk clerk let us rant, nicely of course, about the trip we’ve had so far. The room is clean and very Danishly furnished (picture to come later). No air conditioning, as it never gets hot, except for when we visit. Fan in the room.

Showered as it’s been a long 2 days. But tomorrow, ready to get the exploring started!

Thanks for reading through this. Less talk, more pictures to come!


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