Poland Day 7: Salt Mine and Zakopane

Time to leave Krakow, a city that we liked very much.

First stop today was the Wielicka Salt Mine. It is on the UNESCO World Cultural & Natural Heritage list. It has been in operation for over 700 years and made Polish kings rich. It has miles and miles of corridors, salt sculptures, lakes, even a chapel. Even with all that, we weren’t that impressed. It is no longer an active salt mine, it is just a tourist attraction. We took the tour, almost 3 hours, and it was interesting, but we agreed that it is a sight that could be skipped. But hey, we did get to see a salt Saint Pope John Paul II.


Next was the drive to Zakopane, a resort town in very southern Poland, near the border with Slovakia. At times, we thought we might never get there, we ran into rain, construction, one lane bridges and a train crossing. But just before 4, we arrived. We are staying at the Great Hotel Stamary, a spa and resort. And for the first time on this trip, we relaxed. As soon as we got there, we went down to the pool, jacuzzi and sauna and relaxed. Might even have dozed off in a chair for a few minutes. It was very nice.

We then walked through town. Mountains to see, people too. And we heard no English except between each other and when we ordered our food. Lots of tourists, but it was all Poles. Dinner was at Dobra Kasza Nasza, and we had groats! We had to look up on Google what a groat was. I enjoyed my pumpkin and turkey groats a little more than Ellen did her meatball groats. But it was an experience! Then some wandering along the pedestrian street to people watch and back to our hotel. An easy day for us.



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