Ireland Day 6: Back to Dublin


Today was the day to drive back to Dublin, ditch the car, and become urban explorers again.

We drove the 2 hours or so from Galway to Dublin this morning. Am proud to report that driving on the right side of the car and the left side of the road is now complete, error free (except Ellen will tell you I hit a few curbs). It got easier each day, after a couple of weeks I’m sure it becomes second nature. Car rental math: we drove 848 kilometers on 42.3 liters of diesel fuel. That translates to 47mpg, not bad for a non-hybrid vehicle. The US could use more diesel cars. Also, gas at €1.47/liter translates to $7.72/gallon, which would encourage everyone to be more fuel efficient!

We dropped the car off at Hertz and took a cab back to The Merrion Hotel, the same one we stayed at Saturday night. Our cab driver was an interesting woman, she chatted with us about our travels and the upcoming Good Friday holiday. She told us there won’t be any alcohol sales tomorrow, but that won’t be a problem because the Irish don’t drink as much as they are reputed to. Hmmm.

We had not really explored Dublin before, so we wanted to start with a walking tour. We followed RIck Steves tour up O’Connell Street. As you can tell, the sky was not as clear as the last few days, but there was no rain either. Here is the €5 million spire that we understand Dubliners are not especially keen about.Image

Lot’s of statues along O’Connell Street, honoring those who had helped gain Irish independence. Image

Near the end of our walking tour, we happened past the Ambassador Theatre, and saw that the Art of the Brick exhibit was in town. Ellen was aware of Nathan Sawaya’s work, I wasn’t. We were able to get tickets immediately and I was so glad we went in! Some just amazing works of Lego art.




We found that there is an exhibit of Art of the Brick in New York, go see it if you can!

We next wanted to go tour the Old Jameson Distillery. Neither of us are big whiskey drinkers, and I can’t drink whiskey during Passover, but even so, it seemed like fun. The whiskey is now distilled in Cork, but the old distillery is kind of like a museum. We learned how they make the whiskey, Ellen had a sample at the end, and we bought a couple of small bottles for when we get back. I think I’m going to wait until our Waterford tumblers arrive, it seems fitting.


We found dinner in the Temple Bar district at Toscana. Ellen has a risotto dish, I had a caprese salad and grilled chicken. We shared chocolate gelato and then walked back to our hotel.

It was a full day, even with getting back to Dublin at noon. We’ll make the most of tomorrow, our last day of sightseeing.


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