Ireland Day 5: Limerick and Galway


It was time to leave Kilkenny and drive to Galway today. We still had sunshine, 3 days in a row! On the west coast of Ireland, they get measurable rain 225 days a year, 150 days on the east. We got a brief shower on Saturday when we arrived, and it’s been dry ever since. SO lucky!

We decided to stop in Limerick as about the halfway point between Kilkenny and Gallery. We thought seeing a castle dating back to 1200 was worthwhile.

Driving, by the way, has gotten easier. It doesn’t require quite the constant intense concentration that it did originally. I still am thinking through every turn. But more so, Ireland is full of roundabouts, which are easier enough to stay on the correct side, but still work to merge and then get off at the right exit.

King John’s Castle is right on the River Shannon in Limerick. The visitor’s center had recently been updated, and there were all sorts of interactive displays. There were of course the tried and true displays, too.Image

The castle told much of the history of Ireland from 1100-1700. Not a lot good to be said about the English, and their constant attempts to rule Ireland. A text to my Irish friend, Lisa Byrne, that I understood now why the Irish don’t like the English generated the reply, “Ummm yeah!!!”

Climbing the tower provided a great view of Limerick and the river. Image

Next we stopped at St. Mary’s Cathedral. In daily use 1168. That is just mind blowing.ImageImage

We grabbed a grocery store lunch and jumped into the car. We arrived in Galway just after 3. Our home in Galway tonight is a b&b, the Petra House. A great room, walking distance from town for just €80. Hard to beat! Walking into town, we enjoyed the pedestrian streets, the shops, the people. We walked into the St. Nicholas Church and down to the Spanish Arch.Image

We had called to make a reservation at Ard Bia, but they didn’t have one. We by coincidence walked right by it, stopped in, and they said they could seat us if we took no more than 1 hour 20 minutes to eat. We took them up on it! We shared a duck dish and salmon, loving every bite. We strolled through town on the way back to our b&b, enjoying the sights and sounds.


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