Ireland Day 4: Ring of Kerry


The sunshine just has all the Irish speechless. A waitress today said sunshine is like gold here, so rare. Having 2 days in a row, we know we are very lucky.

Today’s plan was the Ring of Kerry. It is a 100 mile route in western Ireland full of beautiful scenery. We could have driven it, but it would have meant I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate much of the scenery unless we stopped constantly. So instead, we took the hotel concierge’s advice and took the Deros bus tour of the ring. We left at 10:30 and got back just after 5. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.

The vistas were beautiful, made that much more so by the bright sunshine. What you can’t see is a fierce wind that often made holding the camera still difficult. But that is not a complaint, will take the sunshine anytime. Here are a number of views along the ring.


In Kerry, we found out that Charlie Chaplin owned a house and used to visit frequently. Here’s his statue.Image

It was a great tour, made better by the tour guide/busdriver, the weather and the ability to be a passenger. It was a great decision to take the bus tour.

Shortly after we got back, we headed out to dinner. From TripAdvisor, Ellen had picked Bricin Restaurant. Ellen had a bixty, a potato pancake with a chicken filling. She loved it! With Passover having started, I stayed with meat and potatoes, a steak with potatoes and vegetables.

We wanted to hear some music, so found a pub with live music. We went to the Fáilte Killarney Bar and heard some pop music and traditional, yet modern, Irish music. The pub was full, old and young, couples and clusters of men and women. We enjoyed the music and the people watching.


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