Sweden Day 6: Under the Bridges

ImageWe left Växjö this morning for a 3 hour drive to Gothenburg. To say there wasn’t much civilization between the two would be an understatement. The drive was pleasant, but not much to report.

We got to Gothenburg around 12:30. Checked in, grabbed a map, and we were gone. Having a reasonable lunch was a mission today, so we set out first to do that. There is a large mall near our hotel, with at least 3 McDonald’s inside. We didn’t eat at any of them. We had paninis from a cafe, which were just about perfect.

Ellen had purchased the Gothenburg city cards in the hotel. So we first decided to visit the botanical gardens, which are included. That involved figuring out which tram to take. We had gotten this far in the vacation without taking public transit. Though it was included in our Stockholm cards, we had walked everywhere there.

The gardens were about 15 minutes outside the city center. We enjoyed the transit and strolling through the gardens.Image

In returning to the center city,  we thought the Paddan boat rides would be a good way to see the city. They are flat boats that go under the many bridges in the canals. The tour was given in Swedish and English. There were often long passages of Swedish, followed by short English. One of those included in English that there was a bridge so low that we would have to get on the floor of the boat. I was certain that was a joke to be played on the English speakers. What tour company would take on the liability of the chance of people being decapitated?

Evidently, I was thinking too much like an American. The instructions to get on the floor came in Swedish first, and they all got down. We got down. Never in America!

Ellen likes amusement parks, so Liseberg was our next stop. Also included in the city ticket and a tram ride away. We rode the ferris wheel, which was fun and provided a good view of the city.Image

We walked around the park afterwards, then returned to the city. TripAdvisor was our guide to finding a place to eat. Many restaurants in town close July and August, so it was a bit of a challenge. And boy did it come through!

We walked about 7 minutes (thank you, Google Maps!) to Magnus & Magnus. We both had perhaps the best meal of our lives. It reminded us of Volt in Frederick, MD. We both had 2 course meals, Ellen had foie gras and steak, I had lamb and a cake dessert. We both had the wine pairs. Different tastes would sometimes arrive at the table. It was just magnificent.Image

We enjoyed our walk back to the hotel, with the sun just setting at 10pm, the canals looked beautiful.Image

Because Ellen likes train stations, we stopped in as it is just across the street from the hotel. Gothenburg is the 2nd largest city in Sweden, and turned into a very pleasant surprise.



3 responses to “Sweden Day 6: Under the Bridges

  • Reba Heyman

    I don’t know if you saw my FB comment but if you can I would like you to bring me a Starbucks coffee mug that says Sweden ( or Stockholm) for Steve and Sherry. I started them off with a China mug and they and their friends have added rob their collection.

    Sounds like the trip continues to be wonderful.


  • Rebecca

    Love the description of the restaurant and dinner … Now where are the pics of the actual dishes?! You must abide by your fans’ wishes!


  • Will

    I love that picture of the train station!


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