Sweden Day 5: Blown Away

ImageThe day started for me up at 5:40am to get a run in. With the castle, the Baltic and the center city as backdrop, the 5.7 miles flew by. We had breakfast at the hotel, and then set off in the direction of the glasriket, the trail of the famous glass makers of Sweden.

We had 1:00pm reservations for a tour of Orrefors. We had received several Orrefors pieces as wedding gifts, so it holds sentimental value. We had plenty of time, so we decided to visit other glass makers along the way.

Our first stop was really the highlight. It was raining when we got to Pukeberg, and about the only one in the building was the master craftsman, busy at the furnace making vases. We sat at a bench a few feet away, and he completely ignored us while doing his work. Watching glass being made is mesmerizing, the heat, the glass, the instruments, the color. We just sat transfixed watching. We went into the store area and got a little gift for Ben.

We stopped next at Nybro and walked through their store. Next we visited Boda. We then started heading towards Orrefors. We had missed lunch yesterday and didn’t want that to happen again. Only problem was, there was NOTHING between Boda and Orrefors. When we got to Orrefors, we saw they had a cafe, so figured that would work. We followed the signs but didn’t see anything. FInally, we thought we had found it, but didn’t see anything. We asked an employee, who said yes, they had a cafe. We asked how to get to it. He said sheepishly, he is the cafe! There was a tray of pastries at a table nearby and a small cooler with drinks. So we each had a pastry and a drink, and that was lunch.

Our tour turned out to be truly special, but mostly because it turned out to be private, just us. Our tourguide was a lovely young woman, probably about 20. She walked us from building to building and told us the history that she knew. She had only worked there a year. At one point, Ellen asked if she liked her job. Without batting an eye, she said “No!” She wants to be an office worker. We asked whether she lives at home. She said she lives with her boyfriend, but soon might move, as she’d rather live by herself than with someone who ignored her. Such complete unfiltered truth to questions asked by strangers was completely entertaining and endearing. We ended up buying several things there, having them shipped home. Towards the end, we saw a demonstration of a master working with a boy.


We stopped at two more glass places, Kosta Boda and Sea.

We then drove to our hotel for the evening in Växjö. It is on a lake and very pretty. We walked through town, visiting shops and then stumbling upon this church.Image

Someone told us that Växjö is the home of Stefan Edberg. We hadn’t seen any sign of it, but it is true. Hey there, Stefan!

We walked down by the water, and loved the view of the lake.

ImageWe used our phones to look at TripAdvisor. We choose Aptit Kok & Bar, close by and well rated. It was quite busy, so our only option was to eat at the bar. That turned out to be fun, as the waitress/bartender who took care of us was on her 2nd day working there, and we had great conversation with her.

A stroll through town back to our hotel, and we are done for the evening.


One response to “Sweden Day 5: Blown Away

  • Rebecca

    Jealous of your trip to Orrefors in particular (although that lake IS beautiful). I adore Orrefors’ crystal. Please post pics of what you bought once you return back home, so I can be even more envious 🙂

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