Sweden Day 4: A Heck Of A Slott


Today we left Stockholm to explore more of Sweden. I walked about a mile to pick up our rental car from Hertz. What was supposed to be an S60 manual ended up to be a S80 automatic diesel. “You can take the reservation. You just can’t hold the reservation.” The car is a bit bigger than I would like, but it’s comfortable.

We had about a 400km drive today. Once we left Stockholm, there were trees and farms and the occasional lake. But not much more. Very little commerce by the side of the road. The speed limit ranged from 70 to 110kph. Not nearly as much fun as the autobahn last summer. It rained just about the entire drive down. But it stopped about the time we arrived, so no complaints.

Our destination today was Kalmar, a coastal town in southern Sweden. The Kalmar Slott, or castle, dates back to the 12th century. When you think about that, it really boggles the mind. They say even Disney could not have come up with this castle. Drawbridge, moat, cannons above. It’s an amazing site.Image

We got to the castle just about 3:30, which was just in time for a English-language tour. We enjoyed hearing the history and seeing the interior rooms.

We are staying in a small hotel just down the road from the castle, called Slottshotellet. We have a small, but comfortable room. Only here for one night anyway.

After touring the castle, we walked through a nearby graveyard, then made our way down to the beach. The water is probably cold, but that wasn’t stopping little children from wading. Offered another nice view of the castle, too.

ImageThe afternoon was slipping into evening at this point, so we walked straight into town. There was a lot more action than we expected, with a 50’s band, The Playtones, set up in the square. This brief video gives a sense of the scene.

We had a reservation at a seafood place, but didn’t like the menu. We took out the guidebook and decided to try Chinese. Ming Palace offered a buffet for only $15 a person, which is a crazy bargain in expensive Sweden. Food was good, we sat outside and enjoyed it.

We took our time walking back, and finally got Ellen the soft serve she has been wanting. We certainly enjoyed our brief stay in Kalmar.

Here’s one last shot of the Slott at dusk.Image


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