Sweden Day 2: 10 Miles of Fun


We had a bright, sunny day, and took advantage of it!

We both slept pretty well, getting up at 7. Our room includes breakfast, so we ate downstairs. There were fruits, cheese, bread, and hot items. Easy too!

Our first destination this morning was Gamla Stan, the original city of Stockholm. We did the Rick Steves walking tour, or at least most of it. The first stop was the Royal Palace. Plain on the outside, it was almost as opulent as Versailles, which we just visited in March.


We didn’t see the changing of the guard, but we saw the poor guys standing in the sun.


After the tour, we  came out to have a nice view of the city and the water.


We enjoyed walking through the old city. I was struck by the graffiti on this door, as much as I hate graffiti, it was almost art.DSC_0074

The old stock exchange building is now used as the Nobel Museum. We thought a visit to Stockholm required a trip to the museum, especially since we visited the Oslo City Hall and Nobel Museum there two years ago. For reasons only Nobel himself knows, his will stipulated that all the awards be delivered in Stockholm, except the peace prize, which is in Oslo.

We stopped for lunch at a little place off the main, touristy areas. We shared a salad and a pizza and moved on.

The only absolute must we both had for this trip was the Stockholm Stadshus or City Hall. This is the site of the Nobel Prize banquet. We had visited here briefly years ago at the beginning of our Baltic cruise, but didn’t really remember it. The building is made up of 8 million bricks outside and imitates other European styles inside.


We came back to the hotel briefly, and then headed back to the Gröna Lund, an amusement park owned by Tivoli. Our Stockholm passes got us in free, so we didn’t mind just walking around. Amusement parks seem pretty much the same world round.

Using our phones, we referenced Trip Advisor and found a nice restaurant nearby. So at Ulla Windbladh, we had red meat. I had steak, Ellen had lamb chops. It was a nice, relaxing meal. On the walk back to the hotel, it rained a little, as we knew it might. Ellen’s FitBit had us covering 9.88 miles today. We’ll see if we can top that tomorrow.


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