Sweden Day 1: Smooth Traveling


The trip is off to a smooth start. Everything worked well. By flying economy comfort class on Icelandair, we got access to their lounges at Dulles and Reykjavik. Icelandiar had changed our seats so that we would not be sitting together from Dulles to Reykjavik, but by asking someone to switch, we fixed that. We ate sandwiches, veggies and dessert in the lounge at Dulles, so we went skipped dinner on the plane. Ellen went straight to sleep, I watched a 1/2 hour of video and then slept. Before we knew it, we were in Iceland.

We stopped into the lounge and had breakfast there. We slept the whole 3 hour flight, so we were pretty well rested when we got to Stockholm. Our luggage came out quickly, we got cash from at ATM, we bought Stockholm city cards for museum entry and public transit and tried out our SIM cards and found they worked perfectly.

We had prepurchased tickets on the Arlanda Express train, and we had to wait an entire 2 minutes for it to depart. 20 minutes later we were at the train station in city centre Stockholm.

It was already 1:30 when we exited the station. We needed to break the large bills we had gotten from the ATM, and we saw a local burger place right outside. It was lunch time, we were hungry and we needed change. So it was Max Hamburgers for lunch.

Instead of trying to figure out the busses, we took a cab from the station to our hotel. Located right on the water, near museums, shopping and restaurants, Hotel Diplomat was a great choice of Ellen’s. We checked in, dumped our stuff and headed out.Image

We found a cafe to sit down and plot out our itinerary. Some places are closed Sunday and some on Monday, so we have to make sure to get that right. We walked along the water and over a bridge to the island where many museums and the Tivoli-run amusement park are. Just soaking in Stockholm.


Walking back across the bridge, the sun was coming through the clouds and I took the picture at the top of the page.

We had picked a restaurant, P.A. & Co., from the guidebooks and walked to it, just 5 minutes from the hotel.


We had an awesome hash brown as an appetizer, then cured salmon for our main course.


We strolled through town, as the temperature had cooled off nicely in the evening. We sat near the water, watching it finally get dark, just across from our hotel.


Now that we have the travel done and are accllimated, we are looking forward to full days of sightseeing and experiencing Sweden, starting tomorrow.


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