It’s Travel Time

ImageIt’s that time of the summer for us to travel again. This year, we are moving over one country from our trip two years ago, changing from Norway to visiting Sweden. But just like two years ago, we will be including a stop in Iceland on the way home.

We’ve grown a little more prepared for trips, based on past experience. We already have our SIM cards for Sweden, courtesy of TouristSIM. We both have ScotteVest products, to make it easier (and safer) to carry maps, passports and electronics (my vest here).

Instead of an iPad, I’ll be using a new 11″ MacBook Air to write. Hopefully, that will cut down on typos.

So as usual, we encourage you to read along. Suggestions of things to do or places to eat are always welcome.

Our flight leaves at 8:40pm on Friday. Talk to you next from Stockholm!

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