More Mail Pouch Barns!

I understand that not everyone gets my fascination with these barns. But with help from the Mail Barnstromers website, we realized that there were barns in Maryland not too far from us. So with no real plans for July 4th, we all of a sudden had a mission.

Two of the barns we were looking for were in Carroll County. We drove up to Damascus, then headed north on Route 27. We were again following GPS coordinates, that we realized were imperfect. The first barn was supposed to be 3 miles north of where 27 crosses I-70. Drove 3 miles, nothing. Followed the GPS coordinates into a neighborhood a little further down. Nothing. Got back on 27 and about 2 miles later, we found it.Image

The next barn was further up Route 27, on the other side of Westminster, almost to the Pennsylvania border. We followed the GPS directions and didn’t see it. The Barnstormers website said it was just about a mile west of Route 30. So when we hit 30, we knew we went to far. There was a side street that we thought might lead to the barn. After turning off, we came upon a man on a riding mower. We stopped and asked him if he knew where the barn was. He said it was right at the end of that street. And after finding it, we realized that the faded paint is why we had driven right past it.Image

The last barn was near Fredrick. The Barnstormers directions said it was right on I-70 near New Market. We drove past there and saw nothing. Again, we went for the side road, which in this case was Old National Pike. We had been looking for fresh corn, so we stopped when we saw Skeeters Produce. We asked the woman working there if she knew about a Mail Pouch barn nearby. She hadn’t heard of them. After I showed her a picture on my phone, she said it looked familiar but didn’t know. Not a mile further up the road, we found it. Now this is a shed that I think someone painted on their own. Nevertheless, it counts to us!Image

We decided to be efficient, so we combined the barnstorming with our mission to again complete the Maryland Ice Cream Trail. So we continued to Middleton and visited the South Mountain Creamery. Last year, we visited it on a day when we did 3 ice creameries in one day, so we hadn’t appreciated it. Today, it was just South Mountain. And the ice cream was worth it!Image

So I think we are done for the time being with Mail Pouch barns. Next time we go to Pittsburgh we might try to find a few more along the way. I can’t describe the rush when we locate one, it is a thrill to find these since it isn’t so easy. But well worth it.


3 responses to “More Mail Pouch Barns!

  • RaceitLiveitLoveit

    I’ve been meaning to follow up with you on these barns. I love them! having grown up on a farm this is a real treat seeing a barn in MD. Going to have to check out the ice cream trails too. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tara Murray (@diylibrarian)

    I didn’t realize Mail Barnstorming was a thing! There are a couple very close to here, and one is depicted in an “early air mail” print that we sell.

  • Marcia Caldwell

    Have you seen the barn, north of the turnpike around the Bedford exit. I think it is west of the exit and sits just east of an overpass. You can easily see it in the winter but if there are leaves on the trees you have to know where it is in order to see it. I just found a new one yesterday east of Columbus, Ohio and north of 70. I think I have pictures of about 40 – 50 different Mail Pouch. Leaving to visit my son in Frederick, hopefully will have some time to look some of these up. Happy storming.

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