Day 8: Return Home

Not a lot (at least interesting) to say about the return trip home. We lost an hour of sleep overnight, as Europe went to DST. Viking had their act together, so it was easy to get our luggage out, pay the bill and eat a light breakfast.

Viking planned for 2 hours to be enough at Charles de Gaulle (CDG). It was not, at least to provide comfort. Ellen hates CDG with the passion of a million suns. It is sprawling, confusing, poorly run, and the French work hard to keep it that way. Separate lines for boarding passes, luggage check, border control and security make it quite the gauntlet.

We ended up at the gate only 10 minutes before boarding. The plane was full. We closed doors on time, but didn’t move. After a few minutes, the captain announced we’d be 10 minutes late. Ten we sat for a full hour, with no further explanation. Taxiing took 30 minutes. Then we took off.

In air, I watched a lot of movies. Hitchcock, Life of Pi and all but the last 10 minutes of Trouble Wth The Curve. I had ordered kosher meals, and they were indeed a kosher for Passover. Quite pleased with that.

Dulles was easy getting through immigration, but we had to wait awhile for our luggage. Customs had a line but it moved. A bus to long term parking, sitting in beltway traffic, then straight to PetSmart to get Colby.

All in all, an okay trip home and a great vacation overall.


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