Day 7: Last Day, Best Day, Versailles & Paris

With an extremely slow collection, I will add Versailles pictures when we get home.

It was a long day, but a very good day.

Up early, early breakfast, 8am bus to Versailles. It was cold and windy when we got there, even a snowflake or two. Hasn’t France gotten the memo that spring is here?

We waited in the group line to get in, but not very long. I had been to Versailles with Ellen, but it was back in 1986, so I don’t remember it well.

We started the tour, with our tour guide leading us from room to room. At first I was wowed by it all. But after awhile, the excess and the vanity of Louis XIV got to me, and my end takeaway was that the place is vulgar, in the same way Donald Trump places are. Excess for the sake of excess, especially when king and ruling over subjects who are paying for it all, is just too much.

We got to go back to the gardens briefly, which was about all we felt like, as the cold and the wind were really uncomfortable.

We were then faced with the easiest decision in the history of decisions: do you ride the bus back to the ship and sail 5.5 hours to get to Paris or do you hop a train and get there in 1/2 an hour? I think we all know what choice we made.

We took the train and then transferred to the subway, getting off near the Bastille. We walked along, entering the Marais district, stopping into churches, chocolate shops, grocery stores, whatever struck our fancy. After all, we were in Paris!

We made it to the Pompidou Center, the strangest building to ever grace France. It is no wonder that the Parisians hate it. After a bit more walking, we found ourselves within sight of Notre Dame. Ellen wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to see her favorite spot. Allas, it was closed in the early evening to prepare for Easter services, so we couldn’t go in.

We found a cafe to stop at on the Left Bank for a glass of wine and to set a dinner strategy. Ellen had of course done some advance planning and had a list to consider. We read through TripAdvisor reviews and selected one, Boucherie Rouliere, known for their meats.

I gotta give a plug now to a TripAdvisor feature. They have something called “Point Me There.” Instead of putting a street map in front of you with a blue dot to follow, it has a compass and the number of feet to your destination. You just walk, turning when the compass points and watching the distance decrease. We used it to and from the restaurant, it was fabulous.

Dinner was great, a small restaurant with tables impossibly close together, so they had to pull them way out so you could get in. Ellen had steak, I had lamb chops, and we shared a 1/2 bottle of wine. It was such a great dinner, just to watch the waiters hustle, the patrons come in, the food being served. It was so French!

We took the subway back to the Eiffel Tower, and walked to the ship, in the same place as when we left Paris on Tuesday morning. We packed and prepared for the trip home.

I hope you enjoyed reading along. Leave a comment or a like so I know you dropped by.

I’ll update this post with pictures and do a brief post on our trip home.

Look forward to our next trip, Sweden & Iceland in July.


3 responses to “Day 7: Last Day, Best Day, Versailles & Paris

  • Reba R Heyman

    Have a great flight home. Let me know when you’re on the ground of the good old USA.

    Great talking with you today!

    Love Mom

    Sent from my iPad

  • Rebecca

    I am always envious of your trips! BTW, thx for the tip re: new TripAdvisor feature. Have always been a fan, now I have one more reason to love ’em.

  • Ann

    I’ve been reading with interest – the viking cruise idea has been in my mind for some time. The “get off the ship and enjoy” approach seems sensible! Stunning weather here in Vancouver, about 60 (remember, we’re north of the 49th parallel here), gorgeous clear skies and cherry trees busting open all over. I admit, it made reading about rich king’s ridiculous locations easier knowing that I was far north of you, much warmer, and looking out the window at ocean and snow capped mountains.

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