So just a little post on the what it takes to make the magic of the blog happen while we are traveling. Wait, who said “what magic?”????

I’ve gotten the set-up as simple as possible. My Nikon D3100 has an Eye-Fi card in it, so I can wirelessly move pictures from the camera to the iPad. I use the WordPress app on the iPad, bring pictures in and voila!

You may have noticed there was no discussion of SIM cards on this trip. Since our ship had WiFi, we figured our data needs would be limited on shore. I had read about getting a French carrier’s SIM card, but it seems to require some amount of French speaking. I may have faked my way through the same exercise in Spanish when in Argentina, but Ellen didn’t feel up to it. We also know that sometimes it isn’t as simple as it seems, and you can waste time troubleshooting.

So we took the path of least resistance, and let Verizon Wireless provide us with 100mb of data for $25 each. It’s a different sensation to be minding data usage, but we were able to use our phones for Foursquare check-ins and Instagram and Facebook photo postings. You know, the absolutely essential activities! We used out iPhone data counter for the first time, and put our phones in airplane mode whenever they weren’t in use.

We might have done things differently in retrospect. The WiFi on the ship was mostly slow and sometimes impossibly slow. That made the blog postings difficult and sometimes maddingly frustrating. So I might have tried to get a decent data quota and wrestled with a French mobile company, but not upset that we didn’t have to hassle with that. In the end, I was able to get the blog up every night.

Next trip is to Sweden, where they are technological and speak English, so we are likely to go the prepaid SIM route next time.


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