Day 6: Les Andelys

A calm day today. Too calm for Ellen, but we had no choice in the matter.

We finally left Rouen this morning. Breakfast on the ship, disembarkation briefing at 10, lunch at noon, all on the ship.

We got to Les Andelys just before 1, and took off on our own. The town had not much, a nice church in the center, a few shops and restaurants, and a Richard The Lionhearted castle on the top of the hill. It was a steep walk up, but worth the climb for the views of the town and the Seine.


We stopped at a bakery in town and Ellen picked up a few things.

We set sail again around 3. Viking was offering a gallery tour today, so we took it and got to see the kitchen. Interesting how small it is to feed 150 people.


In the evening, held prisoner on a moving ship, we dined aboard for the captain’s dinner. It was 4 courses, all the staff paraded around the dining room, it was quite the production. We dined with a couple from Colorado, retired educators. They made good dinner companions, and the 2.75 hour meal went by reasonably fast.

The end of the trip, unfortunately is in sight. Tomorrow we visit Versailles and return to Paris. One more dinner in town, and we fly back on Sunday.

I wrote 3 special blog posts the last couple of days, on the ship, the technology behind the blog and Passover. Check them out in your leisure.

Au revoir!


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