It was a little bit more than a four hour drive from Wilmington to Charleston. Would have been a little longer but I wouldn’t stop at South Of The Border for Ellen. I told her maybe on the way back.

We got to our B&B just around 1. It is right on the water with great views and about a 15 minute walk into town. The house dates back to before the Civil War. 15 bedrooms, 10 baths, just 18,000 square feet. It was only a summer home.


We saw our room, heard the history of the house and then set out to explore. It was in the 40’s and windy. We stopped for lunch at Magnolias for lunch. We then walked more, but it started to rain. There are a series of buildings that contained a market of vendors. We walked through to see and to avoid the rain. We stopped for coffee/tea in a local place. By the time we warmed up, the rain had stopped.

We walked to the water now, to see Fort Sumter in the distance.


We had a good view of the Ravenel Bridge.


With a little bit of sun, it was better to walk around and see the houses and buildings.

It was a good thing Ellen made dinner reservations, as the town is full, with a wildlife exhibition drawing crowds. But of course, Ellen planned ahead and we had a great meal at Anson Restaurant. Ellen had salmon, and I had a whole flounder in apricot sauce that was fantastic.

The wind kicked back up, so we had a chilly walk back to the B&B. It is supposed to be cold again tomorrow, so we don’t know how much walking we’ll do before we head to Durham.



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