We decided to lengthen a 3 day weekend into 4 days and make our first visit to Charleston, SC. We haven’t done a road trip in a long time, so I think it’s going to be fun.

We got under way around 8am. First stop was for breakfast. We love diners, and had seen the 2400 Diner in Fredericksburg before. It looks just how a diner should. We had standard fare, Ellen had pancakes and I had eggs and grits. Nice way to start.


We got back on the road, mostly I-95 to start. About 1:30 we were ready for lunch. Ellen asked Siri for barbecue places nearby, and she came up with Bill Ellis BBQ. Again, it was out of central casting. $9.50 got all you can eat and drink. Great fried chicken, greens, tea, dessert. We loved it!


Back in the car, mostly interstate but weirdly sometimes changed into US roads. Ellen wanted to see the beach, so we went to Wrightsville. Concrete pier in the top picture is probably made to be hurricane proof. There were people on the beach, it was a sunny day, about 60 degrees.


We had Marriott free night certificates, so we are staying at the Residence Inn in Wilmington.

Ellen of course researched good places to eat before we got here. We had reservations at Caprice Bistro in the downtown area. The business district was deadly quiet when we drove through. But the restaurant area was busy and funky. The restaurant was cozy, French and fun. We shared flounder and trout dishes, and macarons for dessert.


Tomorrow we get to Charleston, ready to experience it’s quaintness.


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