The tango show was a lot of fun. While waiting in the hotel lobby to be picked up, we met another couple from our hotel who were also going. Jeff and Lauren were from Dallas, so the conversation quickly went to Redskins/Cowboys and RGIII. A 2nd couple joined us, Michelangelo, a performer from Venezuela and David, a designer. They both live in Miami.

We talked about what we had seen or should see in BA, where else we have traveled and what we like to see. On the drive, we picked up another couple. They were Swedes who now live in Oslo. So there was plenty to talk about.

We got to the theater and were seated with the 2 other couples from our hotel. We talked and talked, and drank a little wine.

The show, Esquina Carlos Gardel, featured dancing and singing. There were around 5-6 couples, there were group dances, solo dances and singing. The Spanish was lost on us, but it was an enjoyable performance.

Afterwards our performer friend, Michelangelo, told us we should next time see “Señor Tango,” a better tango performance. We had nothing to compare it to. We had more conversation in the van ride home, getting back around 12:30.

We were told we had to see a tango show while we were in BA, and I’m glad we did.


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