Argentina Day 6: Walking Tours & Shopping


This vacation has allowed us to operate at a more leisurely pace than others. It is nice not to have to hurry to cram everything in.

Today after breakfast we set off by subway to do 2 walking tours. We started at the statue above, San Martin, the liberator of Argentina. Nearby were impressive mansions from an earlier time.


Next was the monument to the war over the Malvinas. You don’t call them the Falklands or mention the British around here. The monument reminded me of the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial, with the names of the fallen etched in stone. Two soldiers stood guard.



We stopped in the Retiro train station for a snack.


Next, we walked along the Florida pedestrian mall, which allowed us to combine shopping with a walking tour. I got a leather wallet (Sorry, Coach. you are being retired for something nicer and cheaper). There are stunning buildings in Buenos Aires, many of them in shockingly poor condition.


The tour included entry into a Burger King, to see the most stunning inside of a fast food place you will ever come across.


The walking tour ended at a stop on our subway line, so we took the train back and walked through our neighborhood. We stopped for a cerveza (Sprite Zero for the wife) and some baked goods. We are off to an early dinner tonight, and then are being picked up for a tango show at 9pm, the celebration culmination of our 27th anniversary celebration.

I’ll leave this post with a picture from our neighborhood. Beautiful graffiti art with a pile of trash in front. That’s the juxtaposition of Buenos Aires, a city we are growing to like more and more as we experience more of it.


One response to “Argentina Day 6: Walking Tours & Shopping

  • Kerry

    The graffitti and garbage are new to the city this year. It is driving me crazy! Graffitti is now “the fashion” in BA…and the trash is just poor Gov. mgmt from the lovely Ms. Kirshner…ugghhh. Sorry David, not charming.


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