Argentina Day 5: Day Escape To Colonia, Uruguay


Today was our one day trip outside Buenos Aires. We got up at 6:15 and left the hotel at 7am. We went to the port for a 8:45am hydrofoil to Colonia, Uruguay. There is a choice of one hour and three hour boats. We chose the one hour and Ellen bought us first class seats, meaning we had more comfortable seats.

We arrived at found the tourist information office. Armed with a map and a guide book, we were ready to go.

It was only about a 10 minute walk into the old town. Colonia is a world heritage site. The Portuguese founded it in 1680. A number of museums are in the town square. We had to convert from Argentine to Uruguay pesos for entrance, which of course had to be done at a highly unfavorable exchange rate.

We went to 3 of the museums and then found lunch in a restaurant recommended in Frommer’s. We had to find one that took credit cards, as we had only converted enough cash for the museum entry. We then walked around the town, seeing the lighthouse, sitting by the sea and wandering the streets.





We might have stopped at Freddos for chocolate ice cream with almonds again too. Back to the port, and on a 6pm boat back. In both directions, we had to emigrate and immigrate. So we got 4 stamps in our passports.

We walked from the port in Buenos Aires into a shopping area. This part of town reminded me of New York, with bustling streets and busy stores.


We stopped into a mall that was as nice as anything in the states. We were looking for leather goods, but ended up buying me a Argentina national team football shirt. The mall was still decorated for Christmas.


We took the subway back to Polermo, and walked to an Italian restaurant we had seen somewhat near our hotel, La Baita. We both had pasta dishes, feeling a need to get away from meat for a little while. Walking back to our hotel at 10:30, we were amazed at how lively the streets, restaurants and bars were. Everyone seemed out for Thursday night.

Tomorrow we celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary. We will be shopping tomorrow, then taking in a tango show at night.


3 responses to “Argentina Day 5: Day Escape To Colonia, Uruguay

  • Reba Heyman

    Have wifi on our tour bus at Puente del Este
    The ship is great. Wonderful staff. The food
    we have had so far has been great .

    Puente del Este is beautiful.

    Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy the tango club!

  • Rebecca

    I know this post is (mostly) about your foray to Uruguay, but doesn’t BA remind you of a European city? The wide boulevards, the cafes, the beautiful people …

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