Argentina Day 4: Evita


This was an “Ellen Day,” we left the hotel at 9:30am and got back just before 11pm.

Some might say the big news was that we got SIM cards and got them working. I realize many might not. So I will quickly summarize what it took to reach this blissful state.

1. Visit Movistar store
2. Go to smaller Movistar store around the corner to get the SIM chips
3. Return to big Movistar store to have chip cut to micro-SIM size
4. Visit Internet store to buy prepaid cards and load them on phone
5. Connect to Internet to download Movistar phone profile to get data working

It did not take all that long and only cost us $10 each for the chips and the credit. You can stop cheering now. We had fun along the way, from Serge  the bald guy, who cut our chips to the nice guy at the Internet store who used Google Translate to talk with me and try to help out.

Today was mostly about Eva Peron. We first took the subway to visit her museum. It chronicled her life, and included report cards, dresses and hats, and a death mask. For someone who only lived to 33, she made quite the impact.

Because we were nearby, the next stop was the zoo. They had these weird animals roaming free. Recognize them? (Update: we later learned they are capybaras. )


I think I liked the zebra who rolled on its back like Colby does. 20121226-233552.jpg

Next stop was the Retiro Cemetery . It is the wildest cemetery you will ever see. The crypts and mausoleums feature pictures of the dead, and you can see the caskets.


Of course you have to visit Evita. You’d think she would be easy to find, but given the history of her body’s travels, I guess it is a surprise she is in Buenos Aires at all.


We made a quick stop at a mall across the street from the cemetery. We then walked to Hotel Sofitel, where my mother arrived yesterday for a departure tomorrow on a cruise. This happy coincidence allowed us to meet her for dinner for an early anniversary celebration we went to the The New Brighton and had a delicious dinner and great conversation. It was nice to meet up so far from home.


Tomorrow is a day trip to Uruguay. Something a little different and a new country to visit.


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