Argentina Day 3: Feliz Navidad


Today was a low-key day for us. We even sleep in until a little after 9. We had breakfast at the hotel, and then went off to explore.

We took the subway to the Pueyrredon stop on the D line. We then proceeded to walk through town, looking at buildings and shop windows. More was open than we expected—many restaurants, a few shops and the ice cream places.

We had lunch at Pertutti on Avenida Corrientes. We shared an empanada, which was in more of a puff pastry shell than the fried ones we are used to. We also shared a calzone. We had heard much about Freddo ice cream, and finally got our chance to try it. We’ve been having chocolate with almonds everywhere we go. This might have been the best.


We came back to the hotel and had a drink outside. After a short stop in the room, we went to dinner. We went for steak again, this time in the neighboring Palermo Soho. The restaurant was La Cabrera. It is written up everywhere and very popular. We didn’t have a reservation, but only had to wait about 35 minutes for a table. We were seated outside, on a comfortable night. The service was lacking however, we didn’t see our waiter for more than 1/2 an hour, and only after having approached the host. We didn’t have our drinks until almost an hour after being seated. That’s bad, anywhere.


The food made up for the wait. Ellen had a 200gm steak, I had a huge sirloin.


The steaks alone would be something, but they came with a whole array of sides and sauces and toppings and other things we did not even recognize. It was an impressive sight, overwhelming and delicious.


Ellen wrote a TripAdvisor review while still at the table. With all the steak available in Buenos Aires, why subject yourself to upsetting service. There were never apologies or acknowledgement that they were trying. It just came off as indifference to our experience.

We walked back to the hotel, and are ready to hit the Evita sights tomorrow. My mother arrived today for the start of a trip that includes a cruise to Rio. We are meeting her for dinner tomorrow night.


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