Fancy Christmas Eve Dinner


Our hotel had nicely informed us that not much was open Christmas Eve. But a nearby 45 seat almost secret restaurant, Tegui, was. So we made reservations.

Dinner was at 9. It was still 90 degrees, no relief from the heat. We walked the two blocks to the restaurant. A solid metal door with the number and name marks the spot. It seemed almost like a Chicago speakeasy, knocking on the door to be let in. We had to go through black curtains to the dining room.

There was a set meal of 5 courses.


There was of course wine. We chose a Malbec, as did most of the other diners. Bottles were communal, they’d fill out glasses and then the bottle for someone else. It was unlimited, so it didn’t matter.

It was a special meal. The kind of food that you might not be sure of all the ingredients, but you eat it anyway and it’s delicious.

I asked to skip the oysters course, but instead they gave me buffalo mozzarella with salted strawberries on top. Who does that? It was yummy!.

There was quite a long time between our third course and the main course. We probably could have benefitted from a short nap, but we waited it out, and the quail main course with figs was worth the wait.

Dessert came a little before midnight. Then prosecco came to toast Christmas. They played Feliz Navidad, glasses clinked, and we finished off a delightful 3 hour meal.

On the walk back to the hotel, fireworks were going off in the street and from rooftops. At a nearby restaurant, patrons were dancing in the street. We got to experience a Buenos Aires Christmas that we will not soon forget.


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