Thanks for the free flight, to Argentina!


You will soon be reading about our Argentina trip. But before you do, you should know why we are going to Argentina.

Last December, we visited Andrea in New York. During the holiday season, Wired magazine opens a store in New York. After a day of walking around and seeing the tree and store windows, the geek in me wanted to visit the Wired store.

We found it in Times Square. Ellen was tired and uninterested in tech stuff so took a seat. In walking around, I saw a contest from United Airlines. Scan a QR code. You know, those funny looking boxes? They are irresistible to me because it intersects marketing and technology.

Much to my surprise, the screen above appeared on my iPhone. I gasped. I asked the Wired store employee if he knew anything about it. He suggested taking a screen shot, which is why I have the above image. I filled out a short form with my contact info and submitted it.

I then walked over to tell Ellen. It then occurred to me maybe this was one of those everyone’s a winner things. So I took Ellen’s phone over to scan the code. Sorry, you are not a winner.

The contest was legit. We got the ticket in January of 2012. It was good for one year. We had already booked our Summer 2012 vacation. It wouldn’t be good for Summer 2013. So we HAD to take an extra vacation.

With a free ticket anywhere United flies, we knew we had to go somewhere good. The Far East is attractive, but the trip so long that you really need at least 2 weeks. Anything in the US seemed silly. We go to Europe all the time, and it would be cold. So the idea hit us to try South America. Neither of us had ever been, it is a great use of the ticket. And it is summer there.

So Ellen got to do what she loves to do, plan another trip. We leave tomorrow and return on New Year’s Eve. We will be staying in Buenos Aires the whole time, as the distances to the wine country and the rain forests are quite long. We will take one or two trips into Uruguay, but otherwise simply explore Buenos Aires sites, culture and food.

The blog will be updated nightly. Suggestions about things to do and places to eat by those who have visited are welcome.

Hasta luego!

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