Austria: Flight Home

We woke up at 4:30am to start the long trip home. Staying at the airport hotel in Munich made it easy to get to the gate. The hotel offered a ride and we took them up on it.

We were able to use the Air France lounge, but it was minimal, including no free WiFi. But it was a comfortable place to hang before our flight. The flight from Munich to Paris was easy and on-time. That gave us 1.5 hours to make our flight.

But since it was Charles de Gaulle Airport, nothing was easy. We had to walk between terminals. Then we had to get thought passport control. Security was a mess. We qualified for the priority line, nut our boarding passes didn’t actually say business class, so we had to argue with security. They wanted us to go to the regular line, Ellen was trying to figure out where that was but ended up just blowing past into the priority line.

After security, we then had to take a subway to our gate. We just missed one, had to wait 5 minutes, then our train lost power and they announced service was suspended. Others were more tense than we, and eventually the train restarted and we go to our terminal. Our flight had just started boarding, so we were okay. But you need at least 2 hours between flights to feel comfortable.

We enjoyed the space of business class, and used the flight to watch movies. I watched “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,” “My Week With Marilyn” and “Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy.” Made the 8 hour flight go by pretty quickly.

Arriving at Dulles was the easy part. Immigration had a short line, our luggage came out quickly and Customs was a breeze. Back into the Prius and home to see Colby. And Ben.


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