Austria Day 10: Last Day

Last full day of vacation. Hotel included breakfast so we ate and then checked out. First stop today was Schloss Ambras, the palace of Archduke Ferdinand II in the 16th century. The museum included a large collection of coats of armor, and the Spansih Hall was exceptionally beautiful.

It was then time to head north and leave Austria for good. We took winding, mountainous roads, over the border (Ellen finally became a WiFi beggar like me), and we made our way to Linderhof Castle. It was one of 3 palaces belonging to “Mad” King Ludwig, the Bavarian monarch of the mid-19th century.

We had visited Neuschwanstein (the castle that Walt Disney stole for his theme parks) during our 2006 vacation. But Linderhof was the only palace finished during Ludwig’s life, and it was a marvel. We loved the king’s bedroom and gold reading room, but it was the dining room that especially thrilled us. The room was built with a trap door that allowed the table to rise from below, as he didn’t like seeing his servents during meals. Although he dined alone, he had the table set for 4, so he could converse with royalty from the past, including Marie Antionette. The grounds were beautiful to stroll through.

The drive from the castle to Munich was one of the best parts of the trip. We were on the Autobahn where for large stretches there was no speed limit. Until now, I had driven 130kph, but drove at first 140, then 150, and eventually up to 175. It felt like a video game with some cars going slower and some faster. It wasn’t until we had to slow down that I noticed Ellen had turned green.

Since we had time, we decided to go into Munich for dinner. We found free parking on the street, and then strolled down a pedestrian street. It was near where we stayed in 2006. Like yesterday, the skies blackened and a storm came through.

We ducked into Weisses Brauhaus and had a German meal and beer for me. By the time we were done eating, the rain had stopped and we could walk and windowshop.

We drove to the airport, first getting gas, then checking into the Hotel Kenpenski, then returning the car.

We walked through the airport and went to Air France. We were able to check in at a kiosk and have all of our boarding passes.

We walked back to the hotel and had a drink in the lounge. We then finished packing and are preparing for an early wake up tomorrow.



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