Austria Day 9: Innsbruck


After a last run along the Salzach River, we left Salzburg for Innsbruck. The route took us into Germany, where it seemed everyone was leaving the country on holiday. Busy autobahn, rest stops packed. We reentered Austria and headed down to Innsbruck.

We dropped our things at the hotel, then drive 20 minutes out of town to Swarovski Kristallwelten. Described as the display Disney would have created, it celebrates everything sparkly.


We did some souvenir shopping, then walked around the grounds. Set near the mountains, Swarovski’s headquarters is in a scenic spot.


We returned to Innsbruck and began exploring. We headed towards the Golden Roof. The sky darkened, and we realized we were going to get our first storm of the trip.


We took new pictures, as there was a huge difference.



We walked some more and had dinner at a restaurant at the same location since 1390, Goldener Adler.


A small dessert, more walking through town and we returned to the hotel. Just one full day left, heading north tomorrow as we fly home out of Munich.


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