Austria Day 8: New Salzburg and Sound of Music


After a morning run along both banks of the Salzach River, we ventured across the river to the newer side of Salzburg for another walking tour. First stop was the Mirabell Gardens and Palace. Like everything else here, beautiful.



Next stop was Mozart’s Residence, a reconstructed version of his home housing an interesting museum.

We did a little shipping and grabbed lunch before the highlight of the day, our Sound of Music tour. Many had suggested it and this 8 person van tour was recommended by Rick Steves.

Highlights of the tour included: Palace used as exterior


The Gazebo


The wedding church


For less than rabid fans of the movie, it was a lot of detail. But it was fun, the guide was good, and we saw some beautiful scenery. Well worth it.


Upon returning to town, we found an inexpensive Italian restaurant to escape Austrian food for a night. We split spaghetti and a pizza and each had a glass of Chianti. We had gelato after dinner, a huge bargain here for just €1 a scoop.

We move along to Innsbruck tomorrow. Our thoughts were often of home today and the events of the day. Miss being with family but sometimes all you can do is keep going.


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