Day 12: The Blue Lagoon and Coming Home

So all good things, and this vacation was really good, must come to an end. We checked out of the hotel, but had one last stop before coming home.

We took a bus to the Blue Lagoon. It is a man-made lake/pool, filled with the geothermal water. It is located close to the airport, so they are set up to store your luggage. It’s a high tech operation, where a wristband with a chip gets you in, locks your locker, and you can even buy drinks and charge them. The water varies in temperature, from warm to hot, the bottom is uneven so you have to be careful, and they feature a silica/mud mixture that you can use to exfoliate.

It was a great place to relax before heading home, as we don’t really do that on our vacations. After being in the water for about 1.5 hours, we showered and had lunch there. Our bus then takes you from the lagoon to the airport.

We had no trouble checking in, did a little shopping at the airport, then took advantage of Icelandair’s lounge before our flight. We again had business class seats for an economy comfort price, which was a great deal. We got in to Dulles about 7:15pm, and the passport/luggage/customs thing worked out fine.

We had to wait about 20 minutes for a bus to the Hampton In where our car was parked, but paying $20 for 12 days of airport parking made that worth it.

We were home before 9:30, to chat with the kids before collapsing.

I have been collecting thoughts from the travel here, will be adding to them as things occur to me. I’ll probably have one more wrap-up post in a day or two.

Thanks for reading along!





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