Day 10: Changing Countries

We woke up in Lillehammer and are now in Reykjavik. This is how it happened.

We got up early and made the 2 hour drive from Lillehammer to the Oslo Airport. We were on E6 the whole way, my new favorite Norwegian road! In places the speed limit was 100 kph, and it was mostly nicely paved. There were places, however, where there was construction, with a speed limit of 30. Can’t imagine one road in the US where you’d go from going 62 mph to 18 mph. That would be crazy!

We got to the airport, and even found the rental car return area with no problems. But there was no greeter with a printer around his belt. In fact there was nobody there. What do you do? At first, I walked around assuming there had to be a Hertz booth somewhere. Nothing. I finally saw a call box and asked what to do. The answer was to take the key to the Hertz counter inside the airport. So we did.

I made perhaps a mistake though in deciding to return the car by 10am to avoid paying for another day. The Icelandair counter was still closed when we got there just before 10. Which meant we couldn’t ditch our luggage, go through security and lounge in the club. So instead we found a place to get breakfast, translated enough of a sign that with food purchase, you could get free Internet and filled out the tax refund forms.

We thought the Icelandair counter opened at 12, so we went up at 11:30 to avoid a repeat of our Air France disaster. We passed the time chatting with a couple next to us in line, who happened go be from Potomac, with the woman working as a doctor at Suburban Hospital. They had spend 2 weeks in Scandinavia, and had visited Iceland on the way there.

All is well that ends well. The counter opened at 12:30, we checked in and checked our bags. Security was easy, we got our VAT refund and hung in the lounge until it was time to board.

The flight is only 2.5 hours from Oslo to Reykjavik. Passed quickly, and we were able to buy our tickets for the bus to the hotel on the plane. While Ellen waited for the luggage, I hit the ATM, taking out only 15,000 kronur since we are only here for 2 days.

The bus ride was about 40 minutes, with a transfer from a big bus to a small bus to get to our hotel, the Radison Blu 1919. Another good selection by Ellen, a great location and pretty room.

We dropped our stuff and started exploring. For dinner, we went to Icelandic Fish & Chips, and had a tasty meal of fish & chips. We wandered some more, and are ready for a full day of sightseeing tomorrow.

P.S. The picture of the church was a cool looking church in Reykjavik. Don’t know much more than that!



2 responses to “Day 10: Changing Countries

  • Larry Kaye

    David, try to take the Golden Circle Tour. Very worth while. Quite amazing sights to see. Another good tour is the Blue Lagoon, and the south. Only real way to do it is with tour companies. Would not waste a lot of time on the town of Reykjavik.

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