Day 8: A Long Drive

A day of seeing Norway from west to east by car. We checked out of the Radisson Blu in Bergen this morning. The most difficult part was getting out of the garage. I’ve had to do this before, back up through a garage in extremely tight quarters, trying not to hit anything with the car, including with the side-view mirrors. Mission accomplished.

We used our trusty Garmin to get out of Bergen and onto E16. We got to Flam in a little more than an hour. A 45 minute stroll through town proved that not staying there for a full day was the right decision. We walked down to the water which had a nice view and gazed at the church in the center of town. That was enough.

Back on E16, I quickly learned that we hadn’t made a mistake not driving all the way from Oslo to Flam on this road. It did have an amazing tunnel, 25km long! That’s about 15 miles, one lane in each direction, for a long, long time. Later on though, the road wasn’t even a passable country road. Construction in sections had reduced the road to gravel, with jarring ruts. Speed limit in these sections was 50km/h, but even in the best parts of the road, nothing more that 80.

We filled up for gas for the first time, spending almost $100 for 36 liters of diesel. Getting great mileage, but a little jarring. We passed very little in the way of civilization during the drive. Not a fast food restaurant to be seen. Speaking of which, take my poll on what American brand we’ve seen most.

We arrived in Lillehammer around 5:30. We checked into the Molla Hotell, which has 58 rooms and was a dorm for Olympic athletes in 1994.

We picked a restaurant Ellen had seen in the guide, blamann, that was Greek-Mexican. I had chicken and pasta, Ellen had a meat dish. The menus were only in Norwegian and the waitress spoke little English, but we did just fine.

Tomorrow, we’ll do the Olympic museum and park, and a folk museum. Should be a more relaxed final full day in Norway.




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